Program Coordination
Chair: Bill L’Heureux, L’Heureux Properties

Description: Coordinates presentations and activities for Rotary Club Meetings.
Coordinates with community to bring in folks who are looking for a platform to
speak. Coordinates with club members to take in ideas and referrals for activities
and presentations. Creates list of upcoming presentations for each meeting.

RI Foundation Committee
Chair: Micah J. Covert, Rocky Brands

Description: Coordinates fundraising efforts in the club. Works RI and Rotary
District, as well as other foundations, to apply for grants to be used in the club
mission. Coordinates scholarships. Coordinates the Annual International Dinner.

Service Committee
Chair: Kathleen Kutsko, Hocking College

Description: Designs, organizes, and mobilizes club members and community volunteers to participate in service initiatives in the community, including social events.

Membership Committee
Chair: Dave Loge, Loge Insurance Agency

Description: Coordinates recruitment of members, and orientations for new members.

Promotions Committee
Chair: Angie Booth, Ohio Health

Description: Marketing of Rotary events and press releases.